4th CALS Conference on Rural Emergency Care


15 DAYS LEFT to register!

One-Day EVENT — September 29, 2017 — Click on IMAGE below to see full schedule


The 4th CALS Conference on Rural Emergency Care is designed to provide you and
your healthcare team with the cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills necessary to
provide first-rate emergency care in the rural setting.

Physicians, nurses, PAs, NPs, paramedics and others are invited to participate in
discussions and hands-on interactive workshops on:

• Major Developments and Future Directions in Rural Emergency Medicine
• New and Practical Equipment and Interventions for Trauma and Critical Care
• Best New Literature for Rural Emergency Care Providers
• High-Risk Cases and Clinical Decisions
• Decreasing Diagnostic Error – the Role of Team Training and Collaborative Practice
• Reducing Opioid Use in a Rural Community
• Identification and Management of Child Abuse in the Rural Hospital
•` Management of the Complex Transitional Care Patient
• Hands-on Training in Capnography and the Mechanical Compression Device
and much more…

In addition to this unique educational program, the Conference will offer opportunities to
interact with vendors of new emergency medical devices; spotlight the achievements of
your own facility; and network with individuals and teams from other hospitals and regions.
The Conference location is easy to get to; parking is ample; and the lunch and snacks are
great. And there’s always a lot going on in the Twin Cities – stay on for the evening or the
whole weekend and take in theater, concerts, arts and sports events.

Those of you who have attended the previous three CALS Conferences have experienced
the high-value topics and world-class speakers and instructors that have distinguished these
events. This conference promises to be even better!

Bring your whole team on Sept 29, 2017 for an opportunity to share common experiences,
discuss problems and their solutions, and learn about new thinking and new technologies
that will add to your skills and knowledge, raise your comfort level and enhance your
personal and professional satisfaction.


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