CALS Returned to Haiti in 2016

The second CALS newsletter

On the footsteps of the first CALS-Essentials course held in Cap Haitien, Haiti in 2015 — CALS returned to St. Marc, Haiti on April 13-15, 2016 to continue our international efforts in providing emergency medical skills in third world countries with few or limited resources available.  Twenty-two Haitian physicians and nurses from six different facilities completed the course.  The consensus among the consulted Haitian medical leaders is that CALS-Essentials is an important strategy for improving emergency medical care throughout Haiti.

Haiti Medical Education Project (HME) and Comprehensive Advanced Life Support (CALS) plan to continue their partnership to bring this training in emergency care to all regions of Haiti.  HME translated the CALS course curriculum into French.

Look to this website for updates on CALS -Essential and future dates.

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