CALS Courses

Two-Day Provider Course

This course provides the foundation for all aspects of CALS education. Encompassing home study and two-days of hands-on, scenario-based training, the Provider Course covers the full spectrum of emergency care while providing an introduction to critical concepts, algorithms and the Universal Approach.

3-Hour Trauma Module

This course provides physicians, advanced practitioners, nurses and paramedics with the opportunity to learn and practice infrequently used, life-saving skills. It expands upon skills covered in the Provider Course, satisfying Minnesota state Trauma Committee education requirements for Level II of Level IV designation.

Full-day Benchmark Skills Lab (MN)

This lab provides realistic, hands-on experience in many of the skills necessary for stabilization of critically ill or injured patients. An emphasis is placed on the value of preparation, teamwork, and hands-on skills learning and practice.


3-Hour OB/Newborn Module

The CALS OB/Newborn Module was designed for nurses and other health care personnel that provide care for the obstetrical and neonatal patient with the opportunity to learn and practice infrequently used life-saving skills.


CALS-Essentials is a customized, team-based educational course uniquely suited for the resource-constrained environments outside of the United States.

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4th CALS Hospital Conference

The 4th CALS Conference on Rural Emergency Care is designed to provide healthcare teams with the cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills they need to provide first-rate emergency care in the rural setting.

Physicians, nurses, PA’s, NP’s, paramedics and others are invited to participate in discussions and hands-on interactive workshops.

In addition to the educational program, this Conference will offer opportunities to interact with vendors of new emergency medical devices; spotlight the achievements of your own facility; and network with individuals and teams from other hospitals and regions.

This is the best overall course for what we do at a rural hospital. The focus is on the team and the equipment that you actually have, not what a large facility might have. The course is encouraging and the right environment to learn. It’s not stressful or punitive. CALS is the best!

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This is the best use of my time and dollars of any course I take. I have taken it four times and learn many new things every time. I get to see and try out new technologies & tools. The manual is very good and well put together.

This was one of the best CME courses that we have had in my 21 year experience. It was due not only to the course content but also to all of the friendly, down-to-earth instructors. You have good reason to be proud of the CALS program!

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CALS recertification is usually required every four years. In between courses, CALS offers providers the ability refresh their skills and update their emergency medical knowledge base through its web site. CALS members gain access to a wide range of videos, case studies and training scenarios that act as ongoing reminders of core CALS concepts and skills. All of these resources are linked to CALS’ extensive provider manual, also available online.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds are dependent on the timing of the cancellation. The following refund schedule applies:

– 21 days or more prior to the course date: Full refund less $25.00 registration fee
– 14-20 days prior to the course date: Refund of 50% of the registration fee
– Less than 14 days prior to course date: No refund; new course dates may be chosen for a $100 fee + course registration fee difference.

Participants who have not paid prior to canceling their registration will be invoiced according to the above schedule.

After canceling a registration, participants are responsible for returning the Provider Course Manual to the CALS Program (unless the fee of $100 is paid to reschedule their registration.) Should a manual not be received by the CALS Program, the participant will be invoiced $155 for the manual.

Refunds will be issued to the entity that paid the registration fee.