Full-Day Benchmark Skills Lab (MN location only)

The CALS Benchmark Skills lab covers many skills necessary for the stabilization of critically ill or injured patients. In addition to the covered procedures, an emphasis is placed on the value of preparation, teamwork and hands-on skills learning and practice. Although the lab is offered separately from the Provider Course, it is offered on a regular basis.

The experience is realistic, but friendly and forgiving. Two team leaders and two nurses or other appropriate team members attend each lab session which lasts for up to 8 hours. The Benchmark Skills Lab satisfies the lab requirement of the Comprehensive Advanced Life Support (CALS) course, and along with the CALS course, meeting the MN State Trauma System MD requirements.

Lab teams are comprised of two team leaders (MD, DO, NP, PA, CRNA) and two other appropriate team members (RNs, EMT-Ps). The attendees can expect hands-on practical application of skills. Each lab is taught by an emergency physician and RN team.

Upon completion of the Benchmark Skills Lab, students will be able to:

  • Describe volume resuscitation methods using peripheral and central venous access.
  • Interpret oximeters, ECG monitors, and vital signs to follow the effects of resuscitation.
  • Describe invasive and non-invasive airway management techniques.
  • Understand how teamwork can make this process succeed or fail.
  • State treatment modalities in herniation syndrome and acute epidural scenarios.
  • Prepare and describe chest tube placement and chest suction devices including autotransfusion.
  • Perform and describe invasive emergency airway management in infants.


benchmark skills lab
benchmark skills lab

Register for Course

In order to register a team for the CALS Benchmark Skills Lab, please contact Karie Pearce:

(612) 873-3449 or (800) 346-4262 x 33449

Email: karie.pearce@hcmed.org

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List of procedures covered during the CALS Benchmark Skills Lab

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Pricing: Benchmark Skills Lab

Courses held in Minnesota – Minnesota provider fees

Team leader: $1320        Team member: $674

Effective October 15, 2015 the MN Critical Access Hospital/FLEX grant is no longer available. These were federal funds that were provided to the states for a variety of projects. The focus of the grant has changed and the states are no longer able to use the funds to provide education.

Minnesota State Grant funds are applied for participants that have taken or are taking the CALS Provider Course  – Team Leader $700.00, Team Member $372.00 as available.

Courses held in Minnesota – Non-Minnesota provider fees

Team leader: $1395          Team member: $700