Faculty Development Committee

04/11/2018 (updated)
Faculty Development Committee
Greetings, All CALS Instructors!
Of all the great things about CALS, one of our most distinctive attributes is the quality of our teaching and our instructors.
In order to maintain and promote this valuable asset, the CALS Governing Board appointed a new Faculty Development Committee last Fall.
The purposes of the Committee are as follows:
* Maintenance of quality and consistency of instruction in the CALS courses

* Recruitment, training and evaluation of CALS instructors

* Provision of ongoing instructor training
Like other CALS Committees, the Faculty Development Committee reports to the CALS Governing Board, which is the final authority in matters of policy, content and conduct.
Initial membership of this committee consists of individuals with formal background in clinical education and/or demonstrated ability in this area.

Current members of the committee are
Chair: Todd Grant, MD: Retired ER doc; CALS Instructor since 1997 and CALS Board Member. Formal postgraduate training in medical education. Previously CALS Curriculum Committee Chair

Jason Hicks, PA: Practicing in the ED at Waconia, MN. Long time CALS instructor and member of other CALS committees; PA Clinical Preceptor

Kathleen Newell PhD: Member, CALS Board; extensive background in healthcare education and educational design; emeritus faculty U of M School of Dentistry.

Bill Gallea, MD: CALS Instructor; emergency physician Helena MT. Active in ACEP and Montana Medical Association; point person for CALS in Montana.

Bruce Dahlman, MD: Family and emergency physician, Grand Marais MN and in Kenya; CALS instructor; formal postgraduate training and extensive background in medical education.

Don Lum, MD: Emergency physician, Northfield; CALS instructor; CALS Board member; active in MN and National ACEP

Karie Pearce, RN: CALS Instructor; Long experience in outreach and education; CALS Board Chair-elect
CALS Staff:

Andrew Hebdon RN CALS Program Coordinator; edits CALS Instructor Manual; instructor for multiple ALS courses.

Darrell Carter, MD, CALS Program Director; CALS Instructor; active in ACEP and AAFP.
Since its inception, this committee has clarified and finalized some important policies concerning instructor application, selection and maintenance. You can find these updated policies in the CALS Instructor Guidelines, which also contains some valuable information on preparing for and teaching a course.

We are now undertaking a major effort to create resources designed to help all our instructors realize their full potential, and support the quality and effectiveness of our instruction. Some of this will take the form of notes, presentations, videos, etc. on this website. To start with, some of our experienced instructors have put together a list of (hopefully) helpful hints on how to keep hands-on scenarios from turning into lectures. You are encouraged to take a look at it.

First announcement for Faculty Development Section, WebsitePlease check this section every so often and take advantage of these resources. And if you have any comments, questions or suggestions for the Committee, please send them to me at any time: tdngrant@usfamily.net

Todd Grant, MD
Chair, CALS Faculty Development Committee

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