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"Seeing Sepsis" Toolkit

Dr. Smith's ECG blog

Manual Purchase

If you would like to purchase a copy of the Provider Manual Edition 14, contact CALS at 612-624-7123.

CD and Volume 1=$75.00
Flash drive=$50.00

Instructor Schedule

Scheduling Grid

As of August 7, 2018 (Word doc)

Please email Andrew Hebdon at to sign up for a class.

Instructor Education

2014 Instructor Update

Instructor Education

2015 Instructor Update

Instructor Education

2016 Instructor Update

Instructor Update 2016

Science, Literature, Trends & Consensus

Airway Notes 2016

A Review of the Literature

T-POD Training Session

T-POD Training Session

CALS Instructor Review 2016

Evolution of the CALS Program

Creating Hands-on in the Classroom

High-tech equipment not always required

Sepsis 3.0

Sepsis Protocol 2016

History of Global CALS

CALS Essentials 2016

Pelvic Binder Fitting Instructions

Pelvic Binder Fitting Instructions

Course Presentation Examples

Universal Approach (33 minutes)


Emergent Airway Part 1 (19 minutes)


Emergent Airway Part 2 (31 minutes)


Emergent Airway Part 3 (9 minutes)

Equipment Training


(link to Airtraq site)

EpiPen® Injection Device

(link to EpiPen site)

Arterial Tourniquet

(link to HQMedEd site)

I-GEL Superglottic Device

(link to YouTube)

Back Raft

(link to YouTube)

SAM Pelvic Sling II

(link to YouTube)


Curriculum Committee

Faculty Development