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 Home Study


CALS Provider Course Preparation

The CALS Provider Course is designed to be interactive by staging scenarios to teach concepts. During the two-day course, emphasis is placed on using a Universal Approach and developing a team environment for providing care.

The Home Study portion of the course must be completed before class. To prepare for the course, please:

  • Review the CALS Provider Manual (especially Volume I)
  • Complete the Self Assessment, Pre-test and Study Guide
  • Bring the requested pre-course materials to class

CALS Provider Course Manual

  • Volume I: CALS Universal Approach, Acute Care Algorithms/Treatment Plans/Acronymns, Steps and Focused Clinical Pathway needed in the first 30 minutes. Review Volume I before the course
  • Volume II: Resuscitation Skills is composed of Skills Portals and the illustration of hands-on techniques.
  • Volume III: Diagnosis/Treatment and Transition to Definitive Care and specialized information.

Provider Course Manual

Review Vol I before class


Complete and bring to class — updated May 2017


Complete and bring your answer sheet to class

Pre-Test Answer Sheet

Complete and bring to class

Study Guide

The objective of the Study Guide is to assist you in preparing for the course.

CALS Course Completion Policy

CALS is committed to improving rural medical care by providing quality education designed for locations where technological support is limited, experience infrequent and specialized personnel unavailable.

Participants must successfully complete a multiple-choice examination, correctly demonstrate competency in the validation station and actively participate in the two day Provider Course.