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Free Ebook

How to build world-class emergency medical teams in a rural or remote setting

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CALS Education

Education and resources for rural, remote and global healthcare providers

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Provider Course

Educating healthcare providers to anticipate, recognize and treat life-threatening emergencies

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Benchmark Skills Lab

Covering many skills necessary for the stabilization of critically ill or injured patients

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About CALS

Frequently asked questions about the CALS Program

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Benefits of CALS

CALS benefits and scope of service

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Course Content

Summary of the material and procedures covered in the CALS Provider Manual, Provider Course and Benchmark Skills Lab

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Sample Agenda

Provider Course day 1 and day 2 schedule

Benchmark Skills Lab 2014-2015

Registration, dates, location and other course information for 2014-2015

Hospital Resources


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Hosting in MN

Information and interest form for hosting a course in MN

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Hosting Outside MN

Information and interest form for hosting a course outside of MN

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Hosting a Trauma Module

How to host a CALS Trauma Module course at your facility

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CALS Hospitals

Recognition program to promote excellence and teamwork in rural emergency patient care

Instructor Interest


instructor form

Instructor Interest

Indicate interest in instructing CALS courses and share an overview of your teaching and clinical experience

CALS Equipment Lists*

CALS is pleased to provide emergency department equipment lists, developed over years of experience working with rural providers. Many of these items will be used or referenced during our courses.

The CALS equipment list is provided as a recommendation for equipment essential for use in the emergency department. The cost provided is only an average and exact pricing will be provided by the supplier. There are many distributors of emergency equipment which your hospital may already contract with, or you can use the list of vendors we have provided. If you have trouble finding a certain product or supplier, please contact Andrew Hebdon for assistance.

*CALS does not endorse any one supplier.



Products for Purchase

To see CALS products available for purchase, please visit our Products page.

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