STAC Adopts New Level 3 Criteria

At its June 2014 meeting the State Trauma Advisory Council (STAC) adopted new criteria for level 3 trauma hospitals in Minnesota. Download the criteria changes. (PDF: 14 pages/450 KB)

Here are some highlights of the level 3 revisions:

  • Two general surgeon response time standards are now in place for tier-one trauma team activations. The first (30 minutes) is for conditions likely to require emergent surgery and the second (60 minutes) for other conditions that are less likely to require emergent surgery.
  • Additionally, some diagnostic indicators now require the surgeon’s response within 60 minutes, but do not require the full trauma team.
  • The majority (90 percent) of trauma patients requiring admission must be admitted by or receive a consultation from a surgeon.
  • The trauma program medical director or co-medical director must be a general surgeon.
  • General surgeons and emergency department providers must attend at least 50 percent of the trauma performance improvement provider case review meetings.
  • All general surgeons participating in trauma call must take either Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) or Comprehensive Advanced Life Support (CALS) every four years.

The new criteria are effective on July 1, 2015 (with the exception of the ATLS/CALS requirement), giving level 3 trauma hospitals one year to revise their policies and practices, train staff as needed and install the necessary trauma program leadership.

The statewide trauma system will be offering technical support throughout the transition period. A webinar will be scheduled in the near future for trauma program managers and medical directors who would like learn more about criteria changes, ask clarifying questions and seek advice on its implementation.


If you have questions about the level 3 criteria revisions, contact the trauma system coordinator.

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